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What could be done to improve the lives of the elderly?

An essay by Natalia

Ageing is a natural process that every individual has to accept, especially later in life when it becomes more painful and exhausting. These are the years when the person not only loses their vitality and beauty, but also suffers from the psychological strain of the realisation that their lifespan is shortening. Adding to the fact that they also have to cope with loneliness and the socio-economic imbalance of this time, the elderly are a social group that need more attention and support. It is only humane to help those who suffer from the ruthlessness of life.

A determinant factor that can significantly improve the living conditions of the elderly, is the government. It has the ability to fund special entertainment centres where older people can participate in various activities, according to their preferences, and socialise. As a result, they will be able to spend their time creatively and connect with people of their own age group who can understand their problems and empathise. The government can also organise special educational programmes for seniors that will give them the opportunity to understand the new modern way of life, enrich their interests and occupy themselves with subjects that will provide them with incentives to reach new goals.

Another particularly important factor that can alleviate the psychological pain of the golden years and lighten their burden, is the younger generation. Simple actions of politeness and respect that have small significance to young people, can be very relieving for an older individual who, for example, is not able to carry the shopping bags. They showcase a demeanor of care and support that the elderly are critically in need of since they feel neglected by society. Even a kind word uttered by  a stranger can affect them on a level that is incomprehensible for the youth, but nonetheless existent.

To conclude, the elderly face great difficulties associated with the complexity of life itself. The government and the youth are just two of the many factors that can contribute, not only to the improvement of their lives, but also to its enrichment. However, if a successful result is to be reached, the participation of all is necessary. Only then will it be possible to make a significant change.



What could be done to improve the lives of the elderly?

An essay by Irene

Why do elderly people often feel abandoned and socially excluded? Have you ever considered why this happens? Have you ever thought about the reason elderly people might live in a state of depression? Could this bring to mind any of your relatives or could you believe that as you become older, you might face these emotions?

To begin with, the elderly, without a doubt, are people most of whom have fought for the best, gaining experience while doing so, which they can pass down to younger generations. As a result, a significant factor in improving their lives could be the encouragement to feel useful and needed. For example, their help could be based on anything from a number of daily simple things to more complicated ones, such as helping with the housework, paying the house bills or helping to raise their grandchildren.

What is more, family, friends and social connections could improve their quality of life, because loneliness and isolation could be avoided and sociability and communication could be enhanced. Additionally, being motivated to take part in parties, events, groups or teams could truly be extremely helpful.

Moreover, another important solution could be to motivate the elderly to start a new hobby and also to participate in physical and mental activities. Finally, a healthy well-balanced diet also helps the mind to be positive and the body to be strong.

To sum up, a lot can be done to improve the lives of the elderly. The question is, how willing are we to devote some of our free time and passion to it? Respect for the elderly would be helpful, and this is not just an action but a way of living.